Mountain Bike Geometry

Bike Chaos Geomtrey Dashboard

The Bike Chaos mountain bike geometry dashboard allows you to see the bike measurements for seat tube angle, head tube angle, reach, stack, chainstay length and wheelbase. You can use the filters at the top to deep dive into specific bike categories, bike brand or year. Click on the title of any column to sort by that value. The charts at the bottom show the most common values for each of the dimensions.


  1. All charts are live. As new bikes are added to Bike Chaos the charts will update.
  2. There is only one bike kit listed for each bike frame geometry and wheel size combination.
  3. The dimensions are for a size large or the largest available size.
  4. If the bike has adjustable geometry the slackest setting is listed.
  5. "-" means the information was not provided or was not collected when the bike was entered into Bike Chaos.