Mountain Bike Search

Bike Chaos Search Dashboard

The Bike Chaos mountain bike search dashboard allows you to quickly narrow down to the mountain bikes that you are most interested in. It shows you some of the key characteristics of the mountain bikes along with the min, average and max retail prices of the bikes displayed. Use the Bike Chaos filters to narrow the selection of bikes. The filters include gender, price range, suspension type, brand, wheel size, drivetrain type, frame material, dropper seatpost, fork travel, fork, category, bike name and year. The more filters that you use the faster it narrows down the bikes. Once you have narrowed down the number of bikes you can use our Bike Chaos compare page to do side by side comparisons of key components and geometry. Click on the title of any column to sort by that value.

Looking for even more filters? Try our Search Extreme page.


  1. All charts are live. As new bikes are added to Bike Chaos the charts will update.